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No matter your age, physical therapy can improve your strength, range of motion, balance, pain and more. But it’s about so much more than strengthening your body; it’s about improving your overall health so you can live life to the fullest without pain or limitations.

Even if you don’t need rehabilitation or pain relief, physical therapy can help you maintain your health, wellness and strength to be more durable and less likely to get injured. Those with a family history of certain illnesses can also use physical therapy to help avoid being affected by the condition or reduce how dramatically they are affected.

How Does Physical Therapy Help?

Physical therapy is a research-based approach, and it can address various conditions such as injuries, illnesses, pain, balance disorders, limited range of motion and much more. P.T. can also prevent your risk of injury by keeping your body strong and increasing your flexibility.

Our highly trained and experienced Doctors of Physical Therapy at In Motion O.C. Physical Therapy in Fountain Valley provide customized physical therapy treatment plans. With comprehensive patient evaluations, specialized equipment, various treatment modalities and tailored exercises for you to do at your therapy visit and home, we can help you overcome physical disorders and injuries that are holding you back.

“This is what EVERY physical therapy clinic should aspire to. I feel VERY LUCKY to have found them!”

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Get Relief From Chronic Pain

Chronic pain comes in various forms and can affect any part of your body. It may be caused by damaged nerves or a condition that results in chronic inflammation. Chronic aches and pain may come and go intermittently, or they may constantly persist for weeks, months or even years. Not only can this pain prevent you from enjoying fun activities, but it can also inhibit your ability to work certain jobs. Imagine having to change your entire career path after dedicating years to your profession.

Although you might try to power through the pain, you shouldn’t have to live that way. Additionally, untreated pain can lead to muscle weakness, poor coordination and reduced joint movement. If you’re tired of chronic pain symptoms, physical therapy offers a natural solution to manage and relieve your pain without harmful and addictive medications that simply mask the pain.

Rehabilitate After Surgery or Injury

Injuries can occur at any point in life and nearly anywhere, whether you’re at work, driving, playing a sport or just at home. It’s imperative that injuries be addressed with physical therapy to restore your body’s natural functioning. An untreated injury or damaged tissues that don’t heal correctly can cause lasting pain, discomfort and immobility that inhibits your way of life. In many cases, physical therapy can treat your injury or condition and prevent the need for future invasive surgery.

If you’ve undergone surgery, your body has been through a lot and needs to heal properly and regain strength. Physical therapy offers one of the most effective methods for rehabilitating your body’s physical functions after surgery. It can help restore your body to its healthy, stronger former condition so you can return to a more normal life.

Physical therapy to rehabilitate your body after an injury or surgery provides the care needed to strengthen your muscles and restore your ability to move without causing pain or damage. Our personalized rehabilitation techniques also help to speed up your healing process, decrease swelling, reduce scar tissue and prevent chronic pain. Your Fountain Valley physical therapist will be able to target the specific weakened or damaged areas of the body and relieve stress.